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With Me In Mind Video’s

With Me In Mind videos are aimed at young people through primary and secondary school up to the end of Year 13.



Video 1. WMiM – What is an Education Mental Health Practitioner?

Click on the above link to hear one of our WMiM team talking about what is an Education Mental Health Practitioner and how they are able to support you

Members of the North Lincolnshire team talk about how the they can support young people in North Lincolnshire – click on the below links to watch  on You Tube

Video 2. WMiM North Lincolnshire, Ella Boardman

Video 2a.WMiM North Lincolnshire, Steph King

Video 2b. WMiM North Lincolnshire, James Rollings

Video 2c. WMiM North Lincolnshire, Catherine Walker

Video 3. WMiM – It helps to talk

Doncaster Council Young Advisors developed and produced this film with James Lockey to raise awareness of mental health issues and to encourage children & young people to talk about their feelings – click on the title to watch on YouTube 

Video 4. WMiM Low Mood

This video is aimed at children who may be suffering with low mood are those who may want to learn more about it. – click on the link to watch ‘Low Mood’ on YouTube

Video 5. WMiM Boosting Confidence in Social Settings

This video offers practical suggestions to help you when in a social setting Click on the title to watch ‘Boosting Confidence in Social Settings on YouTube

Video 6. WMiM Encouraging Independence

This video offers helpful tips to give your child the opportunity to do thing by and for themselves, this helps them to learn that they can cope and manage new and difficult or problematic situation – Click on the title to watch ‘Encouraging Independence’ on YouTube

Video 7. WMiM The Importance of Sleep

Video 8. WMIM, Relax like a cat 

In this video we talk through something  that can help you feel relaxed and calm – click on the above link to watch ‘Relax like a cat’ on YouTube

Video 9. WMiM Managing Schoolwork

This video is to help parents who may like to understand any stress their child may have as a result of school work and to think about how parents can help this – Click on the title to watch ‘Managing Schoolwork’ on YouTube 

Video 10. WMiM Managing Exam Stress

This video gives top tips for how best to manage exam stress for young people – Click on the title to watch ”Managing Exam Stress’ on YouTube

Video 11. WMiM How Big are your Worries Little Bear?

Covid-19 Pandemic & Lockdown

Video 12. WMiM Anxiety in Children During the Covid-19 Outbreak

This video based on anxiety within children under the current climate of Covid-19 – Click on the title to watch our ‘Anxiety in Children During the Cocid-19 Outbreak

Video 13. WMiM Top Tips

This video offers some top tips to Create and Maintain a Structure Throughout Your Day – Click on the title to watch ‘Top Tips’ on YouTube

Video 14. WMiM Activity Menu

The aim of this video is to offer reassurance around the change to routine as a result of Covid-19 – Click on the title to watch our ‘Activity Menu’ on YouTube

Video 15. WMiM What is Worrying 

Strategies to manage worries, what is worry and how we can manage this better – Click on the title to watch our ‘What is Worrying’ on YouTube

Video 16. WMiM Strategy to Cope with Worrying

This video offers an exercise that young people can do by themselves or if you are a parent with a child who is worried about something – Click on the title to watch our ‘ Strategy to Cope with Worrying’ on YouTube

Video 17. WMiM Top Tips for Managing Worry 

This video give five top tips for how to manage your worries – Click on the title to watch our ‘Top Tips for Managing Worry

Two example of a breathing techniques demonstrated by members of the WMiM team – Click on the below links to watch our ‘Breathing Technique’ on YouTube

Video 18. WMiM Breathing Technique

Video 17a. WMiM Breathing Techniques

Video 19. WMiM How to Tell Someone You are Struggling

Video 20. WMiM Top 5 Communications – Hand of Support

This video explains how we can find support and how we can help ourselves – Click on the the title watch our ‘Hand of Support’ video on YouTube

Video 21. WMiM Managing Self Harm