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Self-esteem and Wellbeing


Self-esteem is about how people feel about themselves and how they think and view themselves as a person.
Self-esteem develops from experiences and can be affected by different people and events, it is ongoing and is built over time.

If people have good self-esteem, your beliefs about yourself will mostly be positive; however there may be challenges and difficult experiences would not have a long term negative on you. Having positive influences around you like friends, family and teachers can help to build a positive self-esteem which can positively affect your mental health.

If someone has  low self-esteem, your beliefs about yourself will be mostly negative and you may focus on any weaknesses or mistakes you have made. You may struggle to recognise your positive skills and what you are good at; you may blame yourself and may have thoughts about not being good enough or feeling worthless.

It can be challenging to see someone struggling with their self-esteem; some people present happy and confident however, inside they may feel that they are not good enough.

Self-esteem can also be affected when a problem is experienced over an extended period of time, they can become hopeless and demoralised. Self-confidence can be undermined and low self-esteem can develop.


Mental wellbeing describes your mental state – how you are feeling and how well you can cope with day-to-day life.

Working on these five areas can help improve your well-being:

  1. Connect: Being connected to loved ones, friends and family and positive relationships are essential to your mental health. Being connected to builds on your self-worth and build on your sense of belonging. Building your support network,  in school, smile at your peers and speak with them, speak to your teachers, parents and extended family members.
  2. Be Active: This increases your self-esteem, confidence both physically and mentally.
  3. Take Notice: Pay attention to the moment now, think about the here and now.
  4. Keep Learning: Learning is about gaining new knowledge, developing skills and having new experiences that enrich our lives. Learning is about challenging ourselves to do something different or improve upon what we’ve done before.
  5. Give: Small acts of kindness can have a positive impact on your emotional health and wellbeing and create positive feelings

NHS: Raising Low Self-esteem

We have included some resources for you to read through and use :

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