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Low mood

For some children and young people a dip in mood is developmentally normal. However, for other children and young people this low mood becomes persistent and they are not able to participate in their usual routines. With Me in Mind can help children and young people with a mild to moderate low mood.

We use an evidence based intervention based on NICE (NG134) guidance (link to guide). Typically we would offer between 6-8 sessions which uses behavioural activation with children and young people completing work in between sessions.

In working collaborative with schools and delivering the whole school approach we are able to offer training in schools about low mood, depression and emotional distress; the differences and how to help children and young people manage in schools.

Every Mind Matters: Feeling low?

NHS: Low Mood, Sadness and Depression

Mentally Healthy Schools – Anna Freud: Low Mood or Depression

We have included some resources for you to read through and use:

Low Mood Resources for Professionals