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All children and young people get anxious at times and this is a normal response to situations and a normal part of their development as they grow up and develop their “survival skills”. Humans have a biological response to threats called the flight, fright, freeze response; when faced with danger. However, the brain may trigger this response when the danger is perceived danger and not actual danger. This can cause a child or young person to feel this flight, fright and freeze response in situations like going to school or going out to new places. For some children and young people, they continue to get this flight, fright and freeze response and the feeling of anxiety builds and becomes progressively worse.

This feeling of anxiety becomes an issue when it prevents a child or young person from completing their usual day to day routines. For instance, they may say they feel unwell and are unable to come to school. They may develop a specific fear or phobia which prevents them from taking part in activities, trips or outings. You may even notice them worrying for worrying’s sake or they may say that worrying about something is keeping them safe. If you notice a child or young person struggling in this way they may need additional help or support.

With Me in Mind can help young people struggling with low to moderate anxiety difficulties. We use an evidence based intervention based on NICE (CG159- social anxiety) guidance (link to guide). Typically we would offer between 6-8 sessions which uses thought challenging and/graded exposure with children and young people completing work in between sessions.

In working collaborative with schools and delivering the whole school approach we are able to offer training in schools about anxiety.

More information on Anxiety can be found here:

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