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When we sleep, our brain is able to store new information whilst the body repairs, restores and re-energises for the next day.

We know that at certain times in our lives we can all struggle to either fall asleep or stay asleep. When this happens, it often leaves us feeling tired, grumpy and it sometimes can affect our behaviours at home and in school.
Sometimes our sleep is made worse when we worry about things happening in our lives such as moving schools, being bullied, worrying about our family and friends. Normally if we talk to someone about our worries our sleep goes back to normal.

Though sometimes we may seem to get stuck in this cycle and cannot get to sleep or stay a sleep, this can be very frustrating. All this means is our sleep cycle and routine is not in balance and we need to re-tune it. If we ‘give it time’ and stick to the same routine every day then our sleep pattern should return.

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