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Self-esteem and Well being


Self-esteem is all about how we feel about ourselves, and how we view and think about ourselves as a person. Self-esteem develops from our experiences and can be affected by different people and events; it is ongoing and is built over time.

If we have good self-esteem, our beliefs about ourselves will mostly be positive. Having positive influences around us like friends, family and teachers can help to build a positive self-esteem which can positively affect our mental health.

However, depending on the challenges we face and difficulties experienced, these may have long term negative impacts on us and affect our self esteem. Often, if we struggle with low self esteem then our beliefs about ourselves may be negative and we may focus on may focus on any weaknesses or mistakes we have made. We may struggle to recognise our positive skills and what we are good at. We may may blame yourself and may have thoughts about not being good enough or feeling worthless.

For more information visit:

Childline: Building confidence and self-esteem


Mental wellbeing describes our mental state, how we are feeling and how well we can cope with day-to-day life.

For more information visit:

NHS: 5 steps to mental wellbeing

We have included some resources for you to read through and use :

Self-esteem and Well being resources for Children and Young People